Sunday, February 24, 2013

My First Guest Photographer

Sunset Rocks!
Hollywood FL by Simon Rimmington

When I began this blog I knew my photography alone was not going to really capture Hollywood, FL the way I would like.  I do know of others who truly capture Hollywood as fine art and this week I am proud to showcase the work of Simon Rimmington. Thank you Simon for being the first to join this blog and I'm hoping the first of many more to follow.


  1. Many thanks Bob for sharing my work, I look forward to seeing some other views of Hollywood to "open my horizons"

  2. A guest photog is a good idea. I've seen a couple of other blogs do that. This is wonderful capture.

  3. @ Rambling - Agreed
    @ Simon - I have been a big fan for quite a while.
    @ SRQ - I am always so inspired by photographers like Simon.