Monday, November 5, 2012

Obama Visits Hollywood, FL

President Obama at MacArthur High School Hollywood, FL by Barbara
This was my chance to see the President in my own backyard. The energy was crazy. I love that Florida could go either way. It says that we don't want to be taken for granted.


  1. It is nice to see the President of the United States out and about. I hope he wins another term.

  2. Ditto "oldmanlincoln." Used to live in Pembroke Pines. Sorry I missed this but Ocala's too far away!

  3. Yeah, it's nice to think your vote actually means something ... downunder you'd be in what we'd call a 'swinging seat'! I guess Obama's visit paid off, huh?!

  4. @oldmanlincoln - It was quite an honor to have as many visits as we did near by but unbelievable to have one in our own town.

    @Lowell - The crowds were huge for this event. Glad to see so many voters take interest near and far

    @Red - Well Florida took a week to count the votes that every other state managed to do before midnight on election day. I was glad there was a clear winner so we didn't hold up the whole world like last time.