Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dawn of a New Blog

Hollywood Beach by SFlaGuy

Starting off my new blog appropriately enough with a Hollywood Beach sunrise photo. A cell phone photo no less. Hollywood FL is a picture postcard kind of town and I'm willing to bet there are better photos out there waiting to be posted. I'm looking for the best beach, downtown, nightlife, and anything that says Hollywood.

Email a photo, your name or handle if you want a photo credit, and a paragraph or two if you like. This is a humble beginning from which I hope to have a real showcase of photos.


  1. Nice pic! It even says 'Hollywood' downunder!! Sadly, I won't be able to contribute unless you start a 'NOT Hollywood' day?!?!?! Looking forward to seeing more of your works of art!!!

  2. @Red - Nice of you to check out my new page. And now I have my first hit from Downunder. So what is your hometown?

  3. Hello Bob

    Your requested membership of the City Daily Photo portal, so I came on over to see what you have. I like it. It has the potential to be popular on the portal.

    I will ask Peter to feed your RSS into the mix as soon as he during our Sydney Friday.

    Welcome aboard!

  4. What? You mean you actually took my advice???

  5. @Red - I did take your advice. Now I find you are featured poster on the City Daily Photo site. You always impress me.